Chocopoly is an association that hosts events centered around hot chocolate at EPFL

Warming hearts with hot chocolate


Hey there, chocolate buddy! Feeling the need to warm your heart after a tough analysis session? Want to have a good time with fellow chocolate enthusiasts? Eager to discover incredible new recipes to treat yourself? Well, look no further – Chocopoly is the perfect fit for you! Chocopoly is the go-to association for hot chocolate at EPFL. We frequently host events in collaboration with other association, and occasionally have member meet-ups for some cozy discussions over a cuppa. Reach out to us on Insta or Telegram to join the fun!

The team

Our team of cooks is always ready to warm the hearts of EPFL students and organize warm and friendly events!

From the traditional Rita chocolate with a dollop of whipped cream and its intense chocolatey flavor to the vegan Albert chocolate with its delicious plant-based milk, Chocopoly offers various recipes and introduces you to different takes on hot chocolate!

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